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Everyone, meet Fred. He is the most important panda in my life. I sleep with him everynight, and sometimes when I’m feeling low I bring him with me. Let me tell you a story about Fred.¬†

A long time ago, when I was about 7, I bought a beanie baby panda just like Fred at the beach, and since I was so young- I just called him panda. So he was my panda. He had been through a lot in these ten years. His nose had been chewed off twice (the second time his button nose was chewed off), he was so dirty and used that he wasnt soft anymore, and his white fur was nearly brown. Then one day, panda dissapeared, and I looked everywhere for him but he was no where to be found. I was incredibly sad and lonely with out my black and white companion of ten happy years- for about three or four months. Then, I decided that all hope was lost and it was time to get a new one. A new panda. So, I searched. I searched up high and down low, in the ¬†mountains and the valleys, in the rivers and the lakes of the internet- until finally I found the exact replica of panda at about 11 o clock at night and I begged my daddy to let me order him online with his credit card. Being the best dad ever who spoils me and also understands how important this is to me- he lets me get him for 11 dollars. A few days pass and my new panda comes in the mail. It was a brilliant feeling to hold another ty beanie buddies panda in my arms again, I felt whole again. In the beginning, I just called him panda, but as time passes and I became more and more in denial of Fred Weasley’s death, the idea of naming something after him came to me. And if there was anything that needed a name… it was panda. Now, he had been called panda for about two weeks and I was unsure if he could go through the name change- but with the help of my dear friend Kimberly (or I decided to name him Fred, after the great Fred Weasley. And thus, that is the great and thrilling story of my dear friend Fred.¬†

  1. kimxmetts said: Did I really suggest “Fred” as his name? I remember I said to make a subtle name change so he wouldn’t get freaked out ahah.
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